Gliph Basics

  • What is Gliph?

    Gliph is a beautifully secure text messaging app and the best way to get started with Bitcoin.

    It works on iPhone, Android and your computer, so you can connect, communicate and transact with anyone you want no matter where you are.

  • How do I get started?

    Get the app - First, you need to download the app for your iPhone or Android. If you don't have a smartphone you can still use Gliph at

    Send your first message - Once you have signed up, you'll see you're already connected with Support. Send your first message as a hello to one of the Gliph team members. :)

    Connect with a friend - Gliph is way more fun with a friend, so tell a friend to try it out too. Once your friend has signed up, use Find Gliphs to look them up and start sending messages with them.

    Get started with Bitcoin - Gliph will help you start sending Bitcoin in just a few steps. Read more in the Bitcoin blog article.

  • What do I do if I don't get my confirmation email?

    Confirmation emails are normally sent out instantly. If you haven't received one yet, please check your spam folder. Gmail users, please check the "Promotions" tab too.

  • What if I don't get other email that I'm expecting from Gliph?

    Sorry to ask this again, but did you check your spam folder?

    Are you using an Apple email address, like Apple uses an email filtering company that sometimes blocks email from our domain. We recommend you use a different email provider with Gliph such as Gmail. If you have Cloaked Email set up with an address already, please email us and we will help you get them updated to forward to your new account email address.

    Are you testing out Cloaked Email with the correct email address? Be sure to include "cloak" in the email address:, not

    Are you testing out Cloaked Email between two accounts you already control in Gmail? Sometimes if you've linked the addresses using Gmail, it won't show emails you're expecting. Try testing it out with an independent email account, like with a friend.

    Please contact Support, and we will try to help you.

  • How do I contact Support?

    The fastest way to get help is to send a message to the Support Gliph: You should have been connected to this Gliph when you signed up. Learn more about the Support Gliph here.

    You can also send support an email at

  • How do I change my Gliph?

    There is no way to change your Gliph at this time. You can delete your Gliph account and claim a new one to choose again.

  • What is my user name?

    Your username is your Gliph, which is the series of symbols (aka Artifacts) you chose when you signed up. The Artifacts that make up your Gliph are read from left to right. You may also log in using your email address on iOS and the Gliph web app.

  • Can I use Gliph without a smartphone?

    Yes. Gliph can be used on a desktop computer or tablet by visiting

  • How much does Gliph cost?

    Most of Gliph's services are free to use. Some services require paid upgrades. Your personal data is your property, and you own it in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of service.

  • How does Gliph make money?

    Gliph offers many features for free and charges for the rest. You can learn more here.

  • Can I share my Gliph or is it secret?

    You can share your Gliph with anyone you like. Be sure you have adjusted your public facets to expose only the information you are comfortable sharing.

  • I forgot my Gliph. Now what do I do?

    Visit this page, tap Help Me then choose Recover Your Gliph.

  • I forgot my password. Help!

    As long as you do not have Lockdown Privacy Protection enabled, you may Visit this page, tap Help Me then and choose Recover Your Password.

  • How do I adjust push notifications?

    On iPhone, go to your tap Settings, then choose Notifications. Scroll down and tap Gliph.

  • How do I adjust email notifications?

    You turn email notifications on and off under Settings on the iPhone, and on the mobile web under Settings -> Notifications, Email Notifications.

  • Can I delete my account?

    Absolutely. You can delete your account from the Settings screen in the Gliph web app, iPhone app, and Android app. You will be asked to confirm your password, one last time. Caution: when you delete your account, all connections, messages, uploaded files, Facet information, and Cloaked Email addresses will also be permanently deleted. We delete your data immediately, and there is no way for us to recover it for you.

  • How do I use Gliph with craigslist?

    With Cloaked Email

    Step 1. Create a Cloaked Email address.

    Step 2. Follow the instructions found in our blog post.

    With your Gliph only

    Step 1. Create a new posting on Craigslist.

    Step 2. Under Reply to: choose hide.

    Step 3. Using the Gliph mobile web app, choose Settings, Download Gliph Image. Download your Gliph to your computer.

    Step 4. Attach your Gliph to the ad and be sure to tell the reader to Connect with you on Gliph. We recommend you link to the website so they can find it easier.

Finding Friends

  • How do I connect with friends who are already on Gliph?

    On iPhone and Mobile Web

    1. Ask your friend or contact what their Gliph is (i.e. what are the symbols make up their gliph?)

    2. Tap the [ + ] button in the title bar of the Activity View and then search for their Gliph. You can either immediately send them a message, or you can send them a Connection Request. If you send a message, they will need to reply at least once before they will receive additional notifications of messages from you.

    On Android

    1. Ask your friend or contact what their Gliph is (i.e. what are the symbols that make up their gliph?)

    2. Tap the [ + ] button in the Activity View and then search for the Gliph.

    3. Tap Request Connection.

    4. Use the Tag field to give them a recognizable name, write an introductory message and then select what personal information from your Profile you want to share with this person.

  • How do I connect with friends who are not yet on Gliph?

    On iPhone and Mobile Web

    1. Tap the [ + ] button in the title bar of the Activity View.

    2. Tap the Invite Friend option.

    3. Enter the Email address or Phone number of the person you're inviting. Use the Tag field to give them a recognizable name, then select what personal information from your Profile you want to share with this person.

    4. Tap Send invitation. Your friend will get an invite sent to them by email or by SMS. You may want to follow-up with them personally and make sure they got it.

    On Android

    1. Log into the Gliph Web app.

    2. Follow the directions above.

  • Can I connect to Facebook friends on Gliph?

    Yes. Currently the mobile web application allows you to Connect your account with Facebook and invite friends on that service.

  • How do I send my Gliph to another person?

    Log into the web app at and tap the Settings button, then scroll down to My Account and choose Download Gliph Image. Your Gliph will be displayed in a browser.

  • How discoverable am I?

    Currently, the only way to search for you is to know your Gliph and look it up. Any personal information (Facet information) you choose to share publicly will be viewable, but is not currently searchable.

  • How do I change the nickname (tag) I gave a connection?

    You can adjust a connection settings by viewing the other person's Gliph and then choosing Edit the facets I share.


  • How does Bitcoin work on Gliph?

    Gliph integrates with two major Bitcoin Wallet providers: Coinbase and All Bitcoin is sent, received and stored at these providers. Gliph does not operate its own Bitcoin wallet service. Instead, Gliph allows you to either Attach an existing Bitcoin wallet to your Gliph account or Create (and automatically attach) a new Bitcoin wallet to your Gliph account.

  • I want to get started with Bitcoin. How do I do that?

    When you sign up with Gliph, we ask you if you want to create a Bitcoin wallet. If you skipped that step, you can still create or use an existing wallet. From the side menu, tap "Bitcoin" and it will guide you through the process. Give it a try, it's easier than you think.

    Please first have a look at our Help / FAQ section on Bitcoin.

    If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, we have some great information and resources on our Bitcoin page.

  • How do I create a Bitcoin Wallet and Automatically Attach it to my Gliph Account?

    On Gliph for iPhone and the Mobile Web, Gliph will help you create your Bitcoin wallet during the signup process or afterward using the Bitcoin Menu option. Watch Video Demonstration

    1. In the menu, choose "Bitcoin."

    2. Tap the Create Account button.

    3. Read and Accept the Terms of Service for the wallet provider.

  • How do I access the Account Credentials (username and password) of a Bitcoin Wallet I created with Gliph?

    Gliph creates your Bitcoin wallet using a Cloaked Email Address and a randomly generated password. You can access these credentials by performing the following:

    On iPhone and Mobile Web

    1. In the menu, choose "Settings."

    2. Scroll down to "Get Credentials"

    3. Enter your account password and your Bitcoin wallet credentials will be displayed.

    On Android

    1. Log into the Gliph Web app.

    2. Follow the directions above.

  • How do I send Bitcoin?

    1. Create a new Bitcoin wallet or attach an existing Bitcoin wallet to your Gliph account.

    2. Connect with a friend who is already on Gliph.

    3. Go to the conversation of the person you want to send Bitcoin to.

    4. Tap the message options button. (On Android it is a [ + ] on iPhone and the web it is a triangle. (Note, it is same button you use to attach photos) choose "Attach Coin."

    5. Choose how much Bitcoin you want to send.

    6. Hit Send.

  • How do I send Bitcoin to a specific wallet address?

    Gliph handles Bitcoin wallet addresses on your behalf, saving you the hassle and potential to make a copy-paste mistake. Instead of using an address, have the other person sign up for a Gliph account and attach a Bitcoin wallet. This way, you can send bitcoin easily with this person in the future and don't have to deal with wallet addresses.

  • How do I access a Bitcoin wallet that I created using Gliph?

    There are two ways to do this:

    1. Gliph lets you view your current balance and see which Bitcoin wallet provider hosts your Bitcoin wallet. You can see this by choosing "Bitcoin" from the menu.

    2. You can log into the wallet provider's website directly. For more information on this, please follow the instructions in the question "How do I access the Account Credentials (username and password) of a Bitcoin Wallet I created with Gliph?"

  • How do I Attach an existing Bitcoin wallet to my Gliph account?

    Gliph allows you to sign in to an existing Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase or To attach a wallet you created on one of these services to your Gliph account, perform the following:

    1. In the menu, tap "Bitcoin."

    2. Tap the "Use a Different Wallet" button to choose between Coinbase or

    3. Enter your login credentials for the wallet provider.

  • I am getting an "Invalid User or Password" error when I try to attach a Bitcoin wallet, how come?

    1. First ensure you have entered your login and password information correctly.

    2. If you are using the SMS-based two-factor authentication in Coinbase, you will need to change to the Authy or Google Authenticator option instead. Gliph does not support SMS-based 2-factor authentication with Coinbase.

    3. If you are using, you must use the GUID or "identifier" as your login. Gliph does not work with's alias option for login.

  • Can I change my account credentials of a Bitcoin Wallet I created using Gliph?

    Yes! We would prefer you choose a new password, and you are welcome to change your email address on file with the wallet provider. To do this, you should first make a careful note of your existing wallet credentials. Please test them and make sure you have them. Next, you should use them to log into the wallet provider and change your password, or whatever else is necessary. Next, go back to the Gliph app and in the Settings menu choose "Detach wallet."

    Now go back to the Bitcoin option in the menu. This time, choose to Sign in to an existing account and enter your new wallet credentials.

  • I use Coinbase's SMS-based 2 Factor authentication, does this work with Gliph?

    At this time, no, it does not. We do allow 2-factor on Coinbase using both Google Authenticator and Authy.

  • Someone wants to send me Bitcoin. How do I get a wallet address from a Bitcoin wallet I created using Gliph?

    First, we recommend that this person get on Gliph, so that they can easily send you bitcoin now and in the future. If they can not or will not do that, you will need to get a wallet address for them. To do this, you will need to sign into the wallet provider you created our wallet with, (i.e. Coinbase or, then navigate their site until you find one of your wallet addresses. Copy and paste that into an email or Gliph message. For more information, please see "How do I access a Bitcoin wallet that I created using Gliph?"

  • My Bitcoin wallet is not showing correctly, or I am seeing something else weird.

    We'd be happy to help you, just send a note to the Support Gliph. But, before you do that, would you please try:

    1. Force-close the application and re-open it.
    2. Log out of Gliph, then log back into Gliph and check your wallet.
    3. Go to Settings and choose Detach Wallet, then go back to the Bitcoin menu and choose attach wallet.
  • How do I send Bitcoin to people who are not on Gliph?

    You can log into the Bitcoin Wallet provider that is hosting your Bitcoin wallet. If you created your Bitcoin wallet with Gliph, use the instructions from "How do I access the Account Credentials (username and password) of the Bitcoin Wallet created by Gliph" question above.


  • How does Gliph Messaging (secure texting) work?

    Gliph messaging starts by forming a connection with another person. From there you can start sending messages back and forth. All messaging is encrypted, using SSL over the wire and AES-256 encryption on disk. We do our best to offer the utmost privacy in communications.

    Gliph has some extra-powerful features for messaging:

    1. You and whoever you're chatting with can permanently delete messages from both sides of a conversation. More info

    2. You can also set messages to expire or be sent out on schedule. More info

    3. You can access your messages from the computer, so you can Gliph from your desk without pulling out your smartphone all the time. Check out the web app.

    Bitcoin transfers are directly integrated into Gliph Messaging. You can learn more about how Bitcoin and Gliph here.

  • Do both people need Gliph to use it?

    Yes, both people who want to send messages to each other through Gliph must have Gliph accounts.

  • How do I expire Gliph Messages?

    Gliph for iPhone and the web allow you to set messages to expire at a particular time. Before you hit send, tap the message options button, then choose Expiration. Then use the controls to choose when the message should expire (automatically delete). When you send your message, only you will see when it expires.

  • How do I delay Gliph Messages?

    Gliph for iPhone and the web also allow you to set messages to be sent at a particular time. Before you hit send, tap the message options button, then choose Delivery. Then use the controls to choose when the message should be sent. When you send your message, the other person will only see it after the delay.

  • How do I send an SMS? (text someone w/o the app)

    It is currently not possible to send an anonymous SMS message to someone from Gliph. We're excited at the potential of offering something like this in the future.

  • How can I encrypt my texts?

    All messages sent between two Gliph accounts are automatically encrypted before they are saved to disk. They are also encrypted in transit between the Gliph apps and the Gliph server by SSL.

  • How do I log out?

    You can log out of Gliph on the iPhone, Android and Mobile web by tapping Settings and then choosing Sign Out.

  • Is Gliph cross platform, mac / pc?

    The Gliph mobile web app runs in modern browsers for all platforms.

  • Do you have an iPad version of Gliph?

    The iPhone app can run windowed and you can, of course, use the mobile web view.

  • Is Gliph available for Blackberry?

    There is no dedicated Blackberry app for Gliph, but Blackberry users can still use Gliph Cloaked Email. You just must set it up on the web:


  • How do I lock the app?

    The Gliph iPhone application allows you to lock the app using a four digit PIN. This offers an additional layer of security from casual access of your Gliph messages. Tap the Settings button, then choose Security settings. Under Access Control tap App Access PIN.

  • What happens if I type in my PIN wrong 5 times?

    You will be automatically logged out of the app.

  • How do I turn off password reset (password retrieval)?

    To help protect your Gliph account data, you may choose to turn off the ability to reset your account password. Disabling password reset is part of Gliph's LockDown Privacy Protection. You can turn this service on using the iPhone app or the web app at For more information about LockDown Privacy Protection, please read this blog entry.

  • Will use of push notifications reveal IP to Apple or any other 3rd parties?

    Yes. They do. You can disable push notifications or choose to only use the web app:

  • Do you log IPs?

    Yes. We do this carefully for good purposes with good reasons. We may use IP addresses to resist Denial of Service attacks, fraudulent purchases from Gliph, and system maintenance. For example, if a user purchases Gliph Cloaked Email products using a stolen credit card, we will investigate the account (including IP addresses) to work with our credit card processor. Privacy is our priority; you can read our Privacy Policy for more info (it's actually easy-to-read).


  • Why does the mobile web app give me a warning about your SSL certificate?

    On some Android phones running older browsers do not properly identify the SSL certificate. Please try using Gliph on a newer Android device.

  • What version of Android do you support?

    The Gliph Android app supports Gingerbread (2.3.x) up through Jelly Bean (4.1.x).

  • How do I invite someone from the Android app?

    At this time, Android users must use the Gliph mobile website to invite other users.

  • How do I delete messages on the Android app?

    At this time, Android users must use the Gliph mobile website to delete individual messages. Android users can delete all messages in a conversation from the Gliph profile of the person with whom you're messaging. From the Gliph profile screen, tap the options from the title bar and select Clear All Messages. Learn more about message deletion in this blog post.

Cloaked Email

  • What is Cloaked Email?

    Cloaked Email lets you send and receive email using your normal inbox while keeping your real email address a secret. You may enjoy this concept overview video.

  • How does Cloaked Email fit within the idea of Gliph?

    Cloaked Email is a privacy service offered by Gliph. You use your Gliph account to create and manage Cloaked Email addresses.

  • How do I Create a Cloak?

    First, you need a Gliph account. If you have not claimed a Gliph account, you can learn how to do this using this introduction video.

  • How do I send a Cloaked Email to an external address?

    There are two ways to send email to an external email address using Gliph:

    1. Install the Gliph Browser Extension for Chrome or Add-on for Firefox. Learn more.

    2. Log into the Gliph web app tap the Cloaked Email icon in the top left. Under My Cloaks, tap on the one you want to use for the From address. Tap Send New Cloaked Email.

  • Can I send cloaked email to a non-gliph user?

    Yes. Use the above instructions.

  • How do I send an anonymous email?

    Simply create a Cloaked Email address and use the above instructions on how to send an email to an external address.

  • What is my Gliph email address?

    There is an email address you use when you sign up for Gliph, we call this your Real email address. When you create a Gliph account, you have the option to create Cloaked Email addresses. These addresses are used to protect your real email address from being seen by other people.

  • Can I recover a discarded Cloak?

    You can not. You should be careful not to discard a cloak unless you are truly done with it.

  • Does Cloaked Email support attachments?

    It does. All users can receive attachments over Cloaked Email for free. If you would like to send attachments over Cloaked Email, you must upgrade your account. You can do this using the iPhone app or on the web. See here for more information.

  • Are Cloaked Email attachments encrypted?

    Email sent over Cloaked Email, (including attachments) is not encrypted. If you want secure messaging, you may want to have the other person join Gliph and send Gliph messages instead.

  • How do I get more Cloaked Email addresses?

    You can buy more Cloaked Email addresses from the iPhone, Android, and mobile web apps.