Gliph Secure Communications

  • • Free Group Messaging offers real privacy and security
  • • Works on Mobile and Desktop via native iOS and Android apps and the web
  • • Instantly chat with someone using a GliphMe link

Mobile to desktop, Gliph gives you flexibility

With Gliph, you'll find communicating with anyone in your social or business network is convenient. We've built helpful apps for iOS, Android, and both the mobile and desktop web so you can enjoy secure, private communications throughout your day with everyone in your network.

Discrete and desirable, Gliph group chat is simply savvy

Gliph lets you create secure group conversations, which means your professional discussions with co-workers can live alongside your personal ones with family, Clash of Clan members, or any organization. Group chat lets your permanently delete past messages just like 1-to-1 conversations.

Nimble and noble, GliphMe links create instant communication

GliphMe links allow you to be contacted privately and securely without forcing the other person to download an app or sign in to anything. They're perfect for email signatures, handling Craigslist advertisements. Learn More »