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  • Buy and sell safely. Get the deal done from iPhone, Android, or your computer.
  • Message securely with friends. Chat privately 1-on-1 and in public Channels.
  • Use Bitcoin for payment. Tap "Pay Now" and Gliph handles the hard stuff.

Featured Communities

Connect with Friends and Groups Securely and Privately

Mobile and Desktop apps that deliver ad-free flexibility

With Gliph, you'll find communicating with anyone in your social or business network is convenient. We've built helpful apps for iOS, Android, and both the mobile and desktop web, so you can enjoy secure, private communications throughout your day with everyone in your network. Learn More »

Above and Beyond Online Classifieds

Save time and energy with Deal Flow

Gliph Marketplace saves buyers and sellers time and energy using a new peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction method called Deal Flow. Sellers may opt to allow payment for their goods in Bitcoin, set a discount for paying in Bitcoin, and receive payment without managing technical details. Learn More »

Easy Bitcoin Transactions

The future of finance — Gliph is your Swiss Army knife for Bitcoin

Whether you're a professional Bitcoin trader, or just looking to use the currency day-to-day, Gliph has you covered. After connecting your Coinbase or Bitcoin wallet, Gliph lets you easily check the balance, send BTC to other Gliph users, and scan QR codes for spending anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. Learn More »