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Introducing GliphMe, a powerful little link for connecting privately.

GliphMe Features

Communicate effortlessly

Chat with someone in realtime, directly from your mobile device. Avoid the delay and pain of email.

Take back your privacy

Services are leaking your personal data and communications or using them to advertise to you. GliphMe helps avoid this.

Avoid using your phone number

Avoid SMS texting spam by never giving your phone number out in an online ad again.

Gliph is the easiest way to send Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Features

Create your first Bitcoin wallet

Get started with Bitcoin easily by creating a new Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase from the Gliph app.

Send Bitcoin easily

Easily send or receive Bitcoin from other Gliph users via the Gliph for mobile web or Android applications.

Works with

You can attach an existing or Coinbase wallet and pop open the Gliph app to quickly check the balance at any time.

How you can use it

Close a deal

Buy or sell on Craigslist without giving away your email address or phone number. Make deals with strangers and stay strangers. Use Cloaked Email to hook it up; get connected then send Bitcoin.

Meet up with someone new

Meet someone in a bar or at a conference and use Gliph to start the relationship just like you do in real life: first names only. If they’re cool, reveal more facets of yourself as they earn your trust. Avoid accidentally sending out your full bio on a vCard ever again.

Lead the way

Be on the forefront of secure mobile messaging with Gliph. Leave behind your cluttered, insecure digital identity and start building one with a service that allows everyone to securely send messages and exchange contact information.

Keep it in control

Regain control of your digital identity. Stop using disposable email addresses to throw spammers off the trail and start using one secure identity that shares as many (or as few) facets of yourself as you want to.

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